Monday, December 6, 2010

Book a Fly or Hotel Room and Help Your Favorite Charity

Is not a secret, that every time you do such a thing as booking a fly, cruise, make reservations in a hotel, plan a vacation online, someone makes money out of it, so the next time You do so, please use GlobalMojo, a new Internet Browser, powered by Mozilla.

 GlobalMojo generates money every time you perform a web search, do some shopping. buy a plane ticket, book a hotel room,  etc. And donate 50% of the profits to the charity of your choice.

Download GlobalMojo and start helping your favorite cause now. You can choose  up to 4 causes to help, from 1.5 million schools and non-profits data base from around the world. The download is Free, and quick.

You can actualize your preferences any time You want, and can see how your browser is making money for your favorite charity.

Please Click Here to Download

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